The Man and the “See”

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in the state of Maine, on the East coast of the Americas. But really, he lived in a chronic state of okay-ness with an underlying feeling of boredom and anxiety.

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Little Me got exposed on New Year’s Day!

On January first of last year, Christi and I were invited to a party down in Half Moon Bay. It was a lovely group of people, and we all decided to take a stroll down to the beach to watch the sunset. Before leaving the house, I grabbed a generous piece of brownie.

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Chaos or Imaginal Experience?

We call chaos, experiences or events that we can’t track, understand or make sense of. Our response to chaos is commonly that of “reaction” – a non consciously chosen action. We experience ourselves at effect of the world when we “react” to our environment.

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