The Man and the “See”

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in the state of Maine, on the East coast of the Americas. But really, he lived in a chronic state of okay-ness with an underlying feeling of boredom and anxiety.

His life was okay, but he didn’t feel alive. I mean ALIVE alive.

One night, he had a dream. On the other side of the Great Big Ocean, in a place called “La Cote d’Emeraude” – The Emerald Coast — in Brittany, France, was a light. This light was calling him, beckoning him to come over to dance with it.

The next morning, something had changed in this young man. As if some of that light had penetrated him and he was now filled with eagerness and purpose.

He now had a vision: crossing the Great Big Atlantic Ocean and reaching “La Cote d’Emeraude” in Brittany, France.

It didn’t take him long before he had built the perfect vessel for his journey. He set the rudder and his compass to the exact coordinates of his destination, and he set off on his adventure!

Our young man spent the next 26 years sailing back and forth between what he called “Heaven and Earth”. He was alive. I mean ALIVE alive!

Until one day, something odd happened. That so familiar sense of okay-ness, this strange underlying feeling of boredom and anxiety had come back…

That night, he had a dream. On the other side of the Great Big Ocean but far, far south of “La Cote d’Emeraude” in Britanny, France, on the old continent of Africa he saw a light. This light was calling him, beckoning him to come over and dance with it!

The next morning, something had changed in this man. As if some of that light had penetrated him, but this time, hesitation had replaced eagerness and purpose was replaced with doubt. He had seen the light, but now he was afraid. He didn’t have the youth and carefreeness that had once carried him forward to make his dream come true.

If he wanted to reach that light far in the south of the old continent of Africa, then he needed to change his sailing course by 40 degrees; a huge stretch for himself and his navigation equipment!

He was overwhelmed.

He decided to not heed the call of that light, and he took off, once again, for the good ol’ “Cote d’Emeraude” in Britanny, France. But this time, no light was to be seen anywhere. Everything looked grey, dull and lifeless. And his anxiety came back to haunt him.

He thought of his dream and the light far, far south in the old continent of Africa. But the journey to it seemed impossible, and the mere thought of embarking on this journey felt completely overwhelming to him. “40 degrees?! That’s way too much. I can’t do it. My equipment can’t handle it. No way!”

One night, when he was back home in the state of Maine, on the East coast of the Americas, he looked at the stars and prayed for guidance. A shooting star crossed the sky, and a thought made its way into his head: “One degree a day.” He repeated this thought. “One degree a day.” Then it clicked! “ONE DEGREE A DAY!” All he ever had to do was to change his course by one tiny little degree every day, to eventually reach his destination.

That,” he said to himself, “I CAN do!” and he thanked The Universe for its guidance.

The next morning, he packed his belongings and ran to his boat as he had many times before, but this time, as he left the harbor, he gave his rudder a tiny little nudge. One degree to be exact 😉

The next day everything looked just the same as it always had. But it felt slightly different, like everything was just the way it was supposed to be. And peace had replaced some of his anxiety. He gave that rudder another tiny little nudge. One degree… And every day our man changed his course by one degree. And everyday, he could sense a growing feeling of joy and light-heartedness in his chest.

Until one day, he noticed a bird he had never seen before. And what a joy, what a celebration! He was overcome with curiosity and awe. He wanted to know all about that bird! He felt incredibly alive again. I mean ALIVE alive!

The weather became warmer and warmer. So he let go of his many layers of clothes and opened himself to the sun’s loving embrace.

The water became warmer too and he, for the first time, accepted the dolphins’ invitation to play with them.

The light was in him.

And one day, he saw a small island. Music was coming from it. And as he got closer, he could see people dancing on the beach. Soon, they too noticed him and waved him over.

He got off his boat and was offered food. Food he had never seen nor tasted before. Coconuts, mangos, pineapples, papaya, etc…

He was in heaven.

He stayed for a while, then, when he knew in his heart that it was time to go, he took off again, changing his course by one degree every single day. And one day he arrived at his destination.

It is when he saw the land of his vision that he realized that indeed:

  • One can accomplish big things easily and effortlessly by making small adjustments daily.

  • One experiences “the Light” AS SOON AS one says YES to it and takes the very first step toward it. One experiences Joy as soon as one says YES to it and takes the very first step.

It is said that this man, an old man now, is still wandering the seas. He’s been called many names, but the one that puts a big smile on my face is “Ocean Gump”.

So my friend, let me ask you this: do you have a dream or a vision?
Are you moving toward that “light” or away from it?
What is the tiny little step that you CAN take today? And tomorrow? What is that “one degree” for you?

I am asking, because the world needs your dream right now.

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