Francois Levannier

Francois is an internationally-recognized coach and award-winning speaker, who helps entrepreneurs, executives and companies realize their full potential using a methodology that draws on time-tested tools of energy management. He has taught workshops on life skills and personal empowerment for the last 25 years, and has provided coaching services to executives and business owners from all over the world.

He is adjunct professor at UC Berkeley Extension and the University of San Francisco, where he teaches High Impact Communication Skills to global entrepreneurs.

Francois is the author of the forthcoming book “You can have your life and love it too ~ How to be happy no matter what!

Francois Levannier

He is a visionary, healer and leader.  He started leading workshops about “Physical Expression and Wellbeing” in 1993. He attended the esteemed Lycee International of Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris where he received his Baccalaureat and then went on to study International Business at both the “Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce” of Bordeaux in France and the “Fachhochschule Muenster” in Germany, where he received his BA and a bilingual-multicultural education in 1995.

Fortified with his passion for life and learning, his linguistic ability, speaking five languages fluently, and with little or no money at all, he was moved to travel and journey around the world for 7 years, armed only with his faith in a superior Guidance that is always there for those who care to ‘listen’.

His “journey” led him to live in the Amazon with the Shuares, a tribe also known as the “headshrinkers”. Francois was initiated by the Shuares into shamanic rituals, various healing traditions, plants and remedies. They taught him about being a leader and the importance of a vision. His response was to create a 3-day Eco-Tourism attraction, initiating long-term results that were prominent in giving the Indians financial independence, as well as a channel to preserving an age-old tradition that was being threatened into extinction.

His journeys taught him valuable trans-cultural communication skills and honed his natural intuition. “My intuition was a survival skill, now it serves my clients and their abilities to create incredible lives and work!”

But more importantly his journeys revealed to him through the incredibly rich and fascinating differences between people and traditions, that as a human race, we all are the same in essence: Love… longing for the same in life: Fulfillment, Freedom, and the ability to Experience the depth and richness of our Lives.

Francois has taken all of his life-journey experience and applied it to Life and Business Coaching, so that he can in his words, “… help people connect with their Spirit, and from that place of connection, create the lives that they truly want. This is my passion… people are so beautiful, so creative… I love helping them unleash their full potential and become all that they can be.”

Francois has been instrumental in helping his clients live fuller, more balanced lives, while achieving and exceeding their personal, professional, and business goals by emphasizing the value of ‘working smarter’ with more alignment, rather than just working harder.

In 2006, Francois created and led a Men’s Group, made of respected and influential members of our society.

He received his certifications as a Professional Life and Business Coach at the Coaches Training Institute (, as a Master Certified Spirit Coach® and he is also a member of the ICF – International Coach Federation (

He is a devoted Vipassana meditator, a Yogi, and an avid surfer.

Vipassana reveals to him the reality as it is.

Yoga deepens his connection to Source.

Surfing fills his heart with joy, as he rediscovers over and over the importance of flow and ease in life.

Francois is currently living in Mill Valley, near San Francisco California, married since 2003 to Christi, whom he calls his Princess, conducting his Life & Business Coaching business and presenting live presentations that are both inspiring and transformational!